quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

Atividade de Inglês - 2ª Série - para 11/3

Colégio Papa Mike
Atividade de Inglês – 2ª Série EM – 2013
Prof. Robson

Ler o texto abaixo e responder às questões abaixo em português. Não é para entregar! É para o dia 11/3/2013. (A lição será vistada!!!)
 1. Read the introductory paragraph again and underline the sentences that show examples of the Present Perfect tense. Why was this tense used?

2. Read the Steps part again. What is the difference between the sentence in bold and the rest of the paragraph?

3. What genre of text is it?
     (     ) a) an article.
     (     ) b) a manual.
     (     ) c) a report.

4. In the text, we can see sentences like "One must have a clear and relaxed head"; "Do something quick and to the point"; "You need to relax." Who do you think this text was written for? Why?

5. What's the text's main objective?

6. Read the text one more time and give the meaning of the words according to the context.
     a) to steer off the course (step 1)

     b) to procrastinate (step 5)

     c) to ace (step 5)