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O cérebro: máquina de aprender

Uma matéria curta exibida no Jornal da Globo sobre o cérebro e suas complexidades. No programa, Dra. Elvira Souza Lima dá o seu depoimento, entre outras pessoas.

Robson Gimenes, Prof.

Exercício cerebral - vídeo

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Conteúdo de Inglês para 3 Série Médio 2015

Texto da Avaliação Intermediária (Mensal) de Inglês

Internet “disconnects” people to the world
November 10, 2011

   A few weeks ago I read Elvira Lindo’s column about real communication between people and how people use new technology to express loving “empty” messages.
   According to her, technology has widespread the language of romantic postcards. In other words, nowadays people write deep and affectionate messages by email, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on, in a banal and easy way.
   In fact, she tells that when she meets some friend in a restaurant, many times he is more interested in the “sonorous interruptions” caused by his mobile or blackberry, instead of having a conversation with her. As a result, in these conditions, the feedback is missing, and then, communication has been broken.
   This article made me reflect in what real ways technology help people to communicate. We live immersed in “The Global Village”. Indeed, Internet is one of the best inventions of the last century. Besides, it has changed our life in many positive ways. For instance, making the world smaller by bringing people together. In fact, you can reach out and get to know people you might never meet in person and also you can do an endless list of actions, just a click away. Nevertheless, why does the situation described by Elvira Lindo in her article happen so often?
   Perhaps, the uncontrollable need of using internet has developed in the society the need for permanently being in touch with other people online. Probably, it is most exciting and liberating way to have invisible relationships instead of speaking face to face. However, is it real communication?
   To sum up, the ways of communication have changed and Internet has helped us to have an easy life in many aspects. Sometimes, the Internet gives us what we need in communication, speed, reliability and convenient time and place. Moreover, it keeps us close to our loved ones. However, as in everything, it is necessary not to go to the extremes and to keep the real and true communication, that is, in my opinion: “face to face”. Therefore, “If you communicate, you exist in the real world”.

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Conteúdo de Inglês para 2 Série Médio 2015

Texto da Avaliação Intermediária (Mensal) de Inglês

Fast food nutrition facts: mystery ingredients are industrial chemicals.

(Natural News) Many people think occasional junk food indulgence can be balanced out by skipping meals later in the week or by putting in some extra time on the treadmill. The truth is that the consequences of this type of eating can turn up in unexpected ways, often years later as toxins accumulate in your body and cause serious illnesses like cancer or diabetes.
   It is only in the past several decades that the abundance of toxic chemical ingredients in food, have made the consequences of dietary indulgences so lethal. In order to boost profits, food purveyors use chemicals which have a similar effect to the tobacco industry's addition of nicotine to tobacco, making a substance at once more addictive and more deadly.
Source:  Accessed: September 18, 2012.

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Conteúdo de Inglês para 1 Série Médio 2015

Texto da Avaliação Intermediária (Mensal) de Inglês

Student Exchange

   Becoming an exchange student is an exciting way to enhance your life by living in another country. Being an exchange student does not require your family to host a student in your house while you are away.
   Student exchange with WEP Australia can open your eyes to the opportunities and wonders of the world. Support is provided to students throughout the entirety of their programs. Right from the start, when we first receive an enquiry, all the way to program completion, WEP answers questions from students and parents, maintains contact with students while they are overseas, and facilitates communication between our international partner organizations, coordinators, host families, host schools and exchange students. This ensures you will have the best possible student exchange experience.
   All over the world, WEP host families are interviewed and screened to ensure they will provide safe and caring home environments for our exchange students. Your host family will select you, will be welcoming and probably impatient for your arrival, and will be interested in learning about you and your life in Australia. Before you depart from Australia, you will also be advised about the host school that has accepted you. Students and teachers in host country schools are always interested in hearing about life from our unique part of the world. If you choose a non-English speaking country you will have the fantastic opportunity to learn a new language and speak it every day. While this can be a daunting prospect initially, the long term benefits of being able to speak another language will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Minha Nina partiu!

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